What types of staffing solutions do you offer?

We offer a wide range of staffing solutions to suit your needs including temporary, contract and permanent placements, seasonal employees, contract employees, bilingual recruitment, and executive searches. Whatever your staffing needs are, we’ll help you find the right solutions in a timely manner.

Does your agency provide temporary and permanent placements?

We provide both, temporary and permanent placements.

What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

We serve a variety of sectors and industries in Mumbai. Our job is to provide your company with the most effective tools to hire candidates that are an excellent fit for your company, regardless of the industry you work in.

Banking & Financial institutions


Debt & Derivatives Markets

Shares & Stocks Trading

Accountancy & Finance

Warehousing & Logistics



Executive Search & HR

Digital Technology, IT & ITES

Legal & regulatory Compliance

Sales & Marketing

Office Support & Admin

How long does the entire process take from initial contact to the first day of the hired candidates?

The length of time it takes to find qualified and suitable candidates depends largely on the available talent pool. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent or employees who are looking for bigger and better opportunities within their field. It typically takes us a few days to locate candidates, evaluate their skill sets, and then conduct the first round of interviews. Only the most qualified and suitable candidates will be contacted for a second interview either via phone, live chat, or in person. However, our recruitment experts are dedicated to filling your open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How does your agency find talent?

Our recruiters use a wealth of resources to help source local talent. We have access to various online databases that help us find creative ways of locating and attracting potential candidates to the positions our clients are looking to fill. We use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to help generate awareness and interest in open positions. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art applicant tracking systems to keep an updated list of all potential candidates and make relevant notes on their profiles that’ll help you determine for yourself if they’re a suitable candidate for the position you’re offering. Throughout the entire process, we keep you in the loop and accept all feedback that helps us find the most plausible matches for your company.

Why should I use a recruitment agency to fill positions at my company?

The simple reason is that recruitment agencies take the time to understand all of the specifications you’re looking for in a candidate as well as what your company values are, and we use all of that information to match you with the ideal candidates for your business. We take all of the grunt work out of hiring new employees without removing you from the equation.

From writing and posting effective initial job postings that contain the most relevant keywords all the way through to the rigorous interviewing process, our talent pool is never lacking. Once we’ve weeded out all of the unlikely candidates, we’ll only put you in contact with the most viable applicants that we’re confident will be a good fit for your business. This process saves you a great deal of time, money, and resources because you’ll only be presented with the cream of the crop.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies according to the vacancy and type of recruitment strategy required.